Red Egg

 Choreography by Kao Vey Saephanh

Part of LV Dance Collective 's 2nd Home Season, SPF8 Residency 

Premiered 2015, ODC Theater 

Invitation to perform at Grace Cathedral, Part of SFMAF 2016

This piece is inspired by the Mien culture, a tradition they do every New Year. Mien, an indigenous hill-tribe group that originated from the south eastern provinces of China. Many were displaced to the United States from the late 1970s and into mid-1990s due to a war that many may not have heard of called the Secret War (a U.S.-CIA assisted war fought against the communist regime in Northern Laos resulting in mass migrations to Thailand, placed in refugee camps over two decades, and following with U.S. assisted resettlement’s that took place due to the war).