Choreography by Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh and Martha L. Z. Pamintuan

Part of LV Dance Collective's 4th Home Season

Premiered 2017, Dance Mission Theater

Invitation to performance at the Grace Cathedral, Part of SFMAF 2018

“Liquid State” is a dance performance depicting the water crisis throughout the world as global

corporations continue to make record profits selling bottled water.

“Sales of the leading bottled still water brands in the United States in 2016 (in million U.S.

dollars): Private Label ($2,310.88), Dasani ($1,072.97) and Aquafina ($1,044.64).” - Statista

“For nearly two weeks, the Syrian capital and its vicinity have been afflicted by a water crisis

that has left taps dry, caused long lines at wells and forced people to stretch whatever thin

resources they can find.”- New York Times

These alarming sentiments have inspired LVDC's work, Liquid State; it depicted the

juxtaposition of these global issues.