His Story 

Choreography by Kao Vey Saephanh and Martha L. Z. Pamintuan

Part of LV Dance Collective's 4 Home Season Show

Premiered 2017, Dance Mission Theater

Music by Egemen Sanli https://egemensanli.com

Has the following thought ever ran across your mind upon encountering a homeless individual? “Oh wow, he smells, walk faster, and avoid eye contact” or how about,  “I hope he doesn’t ask me for money.” In “His Story,” the piece concentrates solely on preconceived judgments and negative opinions we have toward the homeless community. We have created this piece in hopes that it will allow  ourselves to be more compassionate when encountering a homeless individual. In conclusion, we want to implement a more empathetic state of mind to this issue so that the next time we encounter a homeless individual, our thoughts would sound more like this; “I wonder what his real-life story is?”, and “how did he become homeless?” Dr. Wayne Dyer declares, “The world changes when we change our perspective.” This piece, we hope, will help change our negative perspective into a more positive view toward the homeless people. Any solution that is lead with compassion will be a change for the better.